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About ZK

Zhanna Kens Artist & Fashion Designer 


Experience life's vibrancy through Zhanna Kens' new lifestyle brand ZKoriginal. 


We invite you to dive into a world of mesmerizing fractal patterns, where sacred geometry meets infinite algorithms, creating captivating visual energy.


Our mission is to infuse your wardrobe with fresh, bold bursts of color through wearable art, expressing your unique style at every moment. 


Beyond fashion, our designs are statements that command attention. 


Our versatile wearable art pieces redefine comfort and style for any occasion, wherever your journey takes you.





Zhanna was born in Magadan Russia and raised by her Grandmother Zoya who purchased Zhanna's first sewing machine. At the age of five she already had dreams of becoming a fashion designer as she designed a wardrobe for her dolls. 



As her experience grew, designing clothes for herself and her friends she moved to Moscow to fulfill her dreams. Here she worked on more extravagant creations and her career, and clientèle sky-rocketed. With her new-found recognition in the fashion industry, Zhanna Kens knew it was time to take her work to an international level. 



In 1994, she moved to the United States. Zhanna’s devotion to fashion was truly recognized when she started her own business in 2002.  Her unique handmade creations and classic couture designs began to gain notoriety, earning recognition and acclaim from fashionistas, dancers and skaters around the world.



Zhanna is recognized both nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured in fashion magazines and o“Dancing With The Stars” (essential part of the designing team)Miss America PageantWorld Figure Skating Championship, and numerous Fashion Shows.



Post-2020, Zhanna initiated a new venture, infusing her skills as a graphic and fractal artist into distinctive wearable designs with ZKoriginal Life Style Brand.



Newly focused on designing comfortable athletic pieces, Zhanna's creations cater to those who demand expressive style from their Athleisure wear. Her designs are for men, women, and children alike. And Zhanna's keen understanding of fit and fabric ensures that her wearable art not only captivates visually but functions effortlessly everyday.



 ZKoriginal Critters- This line challenges you to celebrate your love for vivid colors and showcase your love for animals. Unleash your inner animal magnetism!



You can now own clothing pieces infused with explosive colors from either line from this coveted fashion designer. Each item ordered from our website is individually crafted and shipped directly from our manufacturer, ensuring a unique touch. 



Be prepared to turn heads and get noticed when you wear ZKoriginal distinctive designs by Zhanna Kens.




 “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Ralph Lauren


 If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.