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The Beauty of Algorithmic Art in Fractal Design

Have you ever gazed into a fractal and wondered at the complexity of its shape? Fractals, with their intricately woven patterns, are created by some surprisingly simple mathematical equations. This type of art is known as algorithmic art, or computer-generated art, and it has been used to create everything from album covers to clothing designs. ZKoriginal all over print fractals collection is proof that beauty can come from mathematics!

What Are Fractals?

Fractals are complex shapes that can be broken down into simpler versions of themselves. They appear in nature, such as in the branching of trees or the veins on a leaf, but they can also be found in manmade objects. Fractals are formed using mathematical equations called iterative functions. These equations repeat themselves over and over again until a pattern is formed. For example, one equation may start with a line segment and then divide it into three equal parts, which will become the basis for the next iteration. This process continues until a distinctive pattern emerges – voila! You have yourself a fractal.

The Beauty of Algorithmic Art

The use of computers to create art has been around since the 1960s when artists began experimenting with algorithms to produce abstract visuals from data points. Algorithmic art takes this concept further by using mathematical equations to generate aesthetically pleasing visuals that would be impossible for any human artist to recreate manually.

Algorithmic art brings together mathematics and aesthetics in an intriguing way; it’s both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating at the same time! In fact, fractal design has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its eye-catching visual appeal and abstract visuals. ZKoriginal all over print fractals collection features bold colors and intricate patterns that are sure to make a statement wherever you go!

From album covers to clothing designs, algorithmic art has been used to create beautiful visual works of art that could not have been produced without math equations – how amazing is that? Our all over print fractals collection offers an array of stunning designs that demonstrate the power of mathematics in creating aesthetically pleasing visuals. So if you’re looking for something different but still fashionable, take a look at our ZKoriginal collection – you won’t be disappointed!

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